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Education Tax Credits

How It Works

Businesses and individuals have the opportunity to control their PA State Taxes and to transform them into need-based student scholarships through participating in a Special Purpose Entity. Yes, money an individual already has to pay can be directed to support a student.

Step 1:
Choose one of our two Special Purpose Entities (SPE) and request a current application from

Step 2:
In the fall, pay your state tax liability directly to your chosen SPE.

Step 3:
In January, the schools receive either 95% or 100% of that tax contribution to the SPE depending on which of the two SPEs were used. The tax contributor will also receive a 90% tax credit (K-1) to file with their state taxes.

Special cases: In cases where individuals have made payroll withholdings or quarterly tax payments, they will receive a state tax refund in July or August in time to pay the following year’s taxes to the SPE.



Mark Seymour
President of CSAGH

Choosing An SPE

We participate in two SPEs: the Central PA Scholarship Fund (CPSF) and ACSI Children's Tuition Fund of PA (CTF). The primary differences are (1) the minimum level of tax to participate and (2) the amount of the tax contribution that the school receives.

The Central PA Scholarship Fund (CPSF)
Minimum Tax Contribution: $3500
100% of Tax Contribution Awarded to WSCA

The ACSI Children's Tuition Fund of PA (CTF)
Minimum Tax Contribution: $1000
95% of Tax Contribution Awarded to WSCA (5% of contributions are used for CTF legal and legislative efforts)