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Middle School

HCS' Christian Middle School

With an emphasis on high school preparation and an active spiritual life, Harrisburg Christian School challenges students to perform to the best of their abilities for the glory of God. Our team of dedicated teachers and administrators prepares students to impact the world for Christ through rigorous academics, personalized attention, co-curricular activities, and spiritual development opportunities.


Students playing musical instruments in class

Individualized Attention

HCS middle school students thrive with the individualized attention that our teachers offer during this formative time of life. Our teachers make it a priority to truly know their students and to encourage their growth. They become mentors and role models, not just teachers. Faculty also meet regularly as a group to discuss how best to support their students' spiritual, academic, and behavioral needs.

Christ-Centered Curriculum

The HCS curriculum purposefully melds rigorous academics and unapologetic faith. We encourage students to perform to the best of their abilities, not just for themselves, but also for the glory of God.

2022-2023 Course Guide

Special Experiences

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