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Kindergarten students raising their hands


The HCS Kindergarten is a 5-day, all-day Kindergarten designed to equip students with the academic foundation for elementary school as well as the spiritual building blocks of biblical truth. We partner with families to nurture young minds and hearts, focusing on the needs and gifts of each student as a unique individual.


Three elementary girls smiling


The early years in a child’s life are foundational to their spiritual, academic, and social development. At HCS, we partner with parents to guide children through these formative years. Elementary classes focus on the fundamentals of a biblical worldview and core academic subjects. Additionally, we encourage students to develop their gifts by participating in extracurricular activities including concert performances, weekly chapels, intramural sports, field trips, and service projects.


A girl writing in a notebook

Middle School

With an emphasis on high school preparation and an active spiritual life, HCS challenges students to perform to the best of their abilities for the glory of God. Our team of dedicated teachers and administrators prepares students to impact the world for Christ through rigorous academics, personalized attention, co-curricular activities, and spiritual development opportunities.


High schooler working on laptop

High School

In preparing our students to impact the world for Christ, HCS' high school program provides rigorous academic courses and discipleship towards genuine and mature faith in Jesus Christ, as well as a host of extracurricular and service opportunities. We also encourage students toward college preparedness by providing up to 24 credits of Dual Enrollment courses through Messiah University at no additional charge.