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Mission, Vision, Core Values


Partnering with families to provide Christ-centered education that sharpens minds, deepens faith, and develops gifts.

Vision Statement

Preparing students to impact the world for Christ.

Core Values

  • Scripture: We believe that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God and guide for how we think, speak, and act as well as the lens through which we view and engage culture.​
  • Learning: We cultivate challenging, vibrant learning communities characterized by intellectual humility, curiosity, creativity, and cooperation rooted in the Christian worldview.​
  • Community: We respect and value individuals as people created in God’s image, celebrate their gifts, and care for one another.​
  • Excellence: We seek to glorify God in every endeavor by using our gifts and abilities to honor Him.​
  • Discipleship: We disciple students toward genuine and mature faith in Jesus Christ through personal relationships and intentional collaboration with parents and churches.​
  • Leadership: We recognize our calling as servant-leaders to love our neighbors as ourselves and to influence the culture for Christ.